Earthworks Urban Farm

A program of the Capuchin Soup Kitchen

Earthworks Urban Farm is a program of the Capuchin Soup Kitchen, a human services organization inspired by the spirit of St Francis of Assisi, and sponsored by the Province of St Joseph of the Capuchin Order. Earthworks seek to promote sustainable agricultural practices, nutrition, and care for the Earth. We strive for peace, respect, and harmony between Neighbor and Nature.
A wide variety of vegetables is grown on a two -and -a -half -acre plot, utilizing no herbicides and no pesticides. The harvest is distributed among neighborhood residents and utilized in the meals served in the Soup Kitchen dining rooms. Earthworks rely on the generous donations from supporters of the Capuchin Soup Kitchen, and on time and materials from sponsors and volunteers.
Neighbors and friends of all ages, incomes and faiths join us in our work.

1 2 6 4 Meldrum Detroit, MI 4 8 2 0 7
Phone: 313.579.2100 Ext. 204

“Earthworks” has two meanings: first, “Earthworks” from a military perspective is an Earthern barricade to protect from an advancing attack. The concept of our Earthworks is that it protects the environment and us by demonstrating how to live in harmony with nature while assisting in building relationships of mutual benefit. Secondly, “Earthworks” reflects the work done by the Earth. In this sense, we value the Earth’s work and recognize ourselves as shareholders in the natural economy of energy exchange (goods and services) in this living system.
Earthworks maintain two greenhouses, one of them a solar -heated “hoop house” capable of supporting growing crops twelve months of the year.
The second is a traditional, 1,300 square foot greenhouse utilized for the production of vegetable seedlings. In it, we grow over 100,000 seedlings each season, both for our own gardens and for the hundreds of local family, community and school gardens participating in the Garden Resource
Program Collaborative. Currently Earthworks has shifted most of its food distribution away from markets and into meals served at the Soup Kitchen. Every week during the growing season the kitchens serve fresh vegetables from the gardens located right here on our premises! We do still sell some produce, primarily at our weekly “Meldrum Fresh Market.” Earthworks have always been a labor of love, founded on the Franciscan vision of universal sister and brotherhood of all creation. We hope that this humble effort of love and desire to reconnect ourselves with the natural world will remain part of the beacon of hope for all peoples and for all times.