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  • 100% of the cost for Benefit on the Bay is covered by a donation from the Schodowski family and their business, Shelving, Inc of Auburn Hills.
  • The first Benefit on the Bay was held at Island Cove Manna In Harrison Township In 1993 with beer  ,  pizza and an am/fm radio for music. Friends and family of the Schodowski  family attended the  Capuchin Soup Kitchen fundraiser. That first year $1,400 was donated.
  • The event grew in size every year, moving to Gino’s Surf in Harrison Township In 1999 for a three-Year  run.
  • To mark the event‘s tenth anniversary and continued growth. Benefit on the Bay was moved to Mac  &  Ray’s of Harrison Township In 2003.
  • Each year has been a sellout with crowds at 600 now enjoying the fun evening of festivities that currently Include live and silent auctions, a great meal. live music and a fabulous atmosphere.
  • To date, $1,400,000 has been raised by Benefit on the Bay and donated to the Capuchin Soup Kitchen That total will Increase to $1,400,000 after the 2017 event.

Mike Schodowski

Mike was first invited to volunteer at the Capuchin Soup Kitchen as a young man the experience of feeding the poor led to a life-long relationship With the Soup Kitchen and the work of the Detroit Capuchin friars of Bonaventure Monastery.

  • Schodowski ‘s effort now center on fundraising for the Soup kitchen and other programs.
  • Mike established another fundraising in 2012, called Bocci with the Brothers held at Villa Penna’s in Sterling Heights, The first year $18000 was raised: $30,000 was raised in 2013.

Favorite Benefit on the Bay memory

Each and every year the event sells out, which is extraordinary. However, Mike cites possible divine Intervention with the success of the tenth-anniversary party In 2003. On August 14, the night before the benefit,a massive power outage hit across eight states of the Northeast and Midwest. The first blessing was that the facility hosting the event, Mac & Ray‘s In Harrison Twp, had a generator to power the party.Then the night of the party, 450 people turned out.They could not call to see if the event had been canceled, so they had faith and just showed up.

Mike believes that anything is possible when It comes to the legacy of Father Solanus and the Soup Kitchen that Fr. Solanus co-founded. Fr. Solanus, an American Capuchin Friar and priest, was known during his lifetime as a wonder worker. He is the first United States-born man to be declared “Venerable” by the Roman Catholic Church and is soon to be Beatified. Many people considered him instrumental in cures and other blessings they received.